This is just one of those places that words don't do it justice to describe , because of the endless possibilities that can take place . I hope everyone that comes to visit walks away with a better understanding of their own creative abilities  and have a great time doing it . 

With all this I noticed a need for all these artist to grow and prosper . Studios @13th A.K.A The Fort will also become a clearing house of expressions for others that may have a desire to take home*. Plans are in the works for shows that will benefit the studio its members,guest and charities. 

Studios @13th A.K.A The Fort is an enclosed  outdoor environment that has natural light during the day and a nice contrasty feel at night .  Having a nice brick floor and great wall space allows me to bring to you a place that you can express yourself ,  Photographers of all skill levels and equipment will enjoy the many environments contain within  and the semi private feel you get when your in the Studio.  I also wanted color lots of it .... The Fort   Was created to give people an opportunity to express themselves like never before . Wall space has been set aside for this reason other wall spaces are reserved for competitions. 

*Studios @ 13th makes no claim to the ethical practices of its members or their abilities to conduct themselves in a professional manner. As with any purchase of services a little leg work up front as to any businesses  practices can save a lot of time , money and frustrations down the road. Buyer Beware !