Welcome to:: Studios @ 13th .....A.K.A The Fort

​​​Studios@13th sets out  to create and  raise the bar, with a dynamic studio space that provides "photogs"  and artist of all skill levels with  elements that in most cases  can be interchanged  to create 
unique environments . Regardless of your medium you use to express yourself,     your bound to create your own art piece that will enhance your  own home or office  or someones day. . Plans are on the books for  "phase 2" for Studios@13th that will even more  enhance your creativity and  the way you express yourself.

          I want to welcome everyone to   Studios @ 13th ......A.K.A. The Fort . This whole idea came from a desire to have a studio of my own  It had to be a place  that would allow me to do  more than just a typical studio session .  A place that allowed my clients and guest  to feel relaxed and have fun  and at the same time  have their  imaginations  to run wild. 

            I enjoy  using  more of a alternative  style  of  surroundings when composing my images .(when given the choice). This studio has an offerings that is not commonly seen. it was a perfect fit with my "out of the box type of thinking " .

            I also realized that the amount of time I spent going from location to location breaking  down equipment  at each stop during a shoot  did not really  feel  productive .  The inner parameter walls  of this studio  provided me with a really unique opportunity to create something cool.  Allowing  clients and guest  to create a one of a kind back grounds that has meaning for them,  and others . Couple this with  various elements  that can be  interchanged and  what  you end up with is  endless possibilities for expression. 

​           This is a feature  I am going to tell you about that is almost unheard of ....example ..your senior portraits can now be one off ...you don't have to settle  for locations or backdrops  that have been over worked and seen in most images ..You now can have a ONE OF A KIND BACK DROP.That's right one of a kind , say your wanting something no one else has after all it is YOUR SENIOR PICTURES.  . here's what you can do ...reserve one of  the studio assigned wall spaces and  create something meaning full to you , now say your like me and have problems  drawing stick people  all is not lost find a friend or family member that can do the art work for you or go to our artist co-op page and find a style you like and strike up a deal with one of the members listed on that page , add the photographer of your choice and your'll not only have the best time of your life creating your own image of yourself  but once your session is finished the creation is cleared off the wall , never to be used again. Now that a one off image. 

            With just under 17k sqft  The studio @ 13th provides me with enough space  to not only express myself through my photography , it allows me to open up and  be  creative with my warped imagination when building surroundings with  different textures , shapes and colors in one location.  I feel  that I have achieved  a studio that  would fulfill the  majority of my needs  as well as the  needs of others. This a one of a kind place that people can have fun and  be inspired.  I felt it was just one of those things that was  just   to neat to keep for  myself ....... if you have an idea or suggestion drop me a line . and Thank you for your interest..  

*Studios @ 13th makes no claim to the ethical practices of its members or their abilities to conduct themselves in a professional manner. As with any purchase of services a little leg work up front as to any businesses  practices can save a lot of time , money and frustrations down the road. Buyer Beware !