​​*Sample if you use the studio w/camera 2x a month for 6 months that's a savings of $96.00 off regular admission .plus savings for each of your subjects 

Membership benefits


  • ​​$8.00 off w/camera admission(per session)/ $2.00 off each of your subjects.(**per session)
  • $3.00 off  w/o camera
  • Free admission when your being photographed(with 1 paid shooter)
  • Free admission to the "conflict" this event is NOT open to the public( Challenge walls start over) 
  • Link to your on line page or site from  this web site
  • Your  private sessions are discounted (75 minute time limit)
  • $5.00 off workshop admissions
  • $10.off  booth space at shows / and at allowed events 
  • $4.00 off A.K.A The FORT Tee'S 


*Studios @ 13th makes no claim to the ethical practices of its members or their abilities to conduct themselves in a professional manner. As with any purchase of services a little leg work up front as to any businesses  practices can save a lot of time , money and frustrations down the road. Buyer Beware !

Offer sf01


Introductory offering    T.B.A 

Memberships are for 6 month terms