I want to welcome everyone to Studios @ 13th ......A.K.A. The Fort . I wanted to create a place that both photography and arts  could meet to bring a unique and dynamic environment . Personally I enjoy  using  more of a alternative  style  of  surroundings when composing my exposures. The outer parameter walls and the various environments will have  a schedule for change, Some drastic some not so much, this is to allow for creative ideas to evolve  . Most of the walls will be open for daily  expression , others will be marked for  long standing , single reserve use and  challenges. 

           I also wanted to have a location that would bring  the collective creativity of many different  ideas from many different people.  I feel that this would  create a environment  that would be interesting to use . I envision a place that art, photography ,music and theatrics can be brought together  like never before.  This whole concept was grown from my own desire to have my own studio. A place that I felt  somewhat secure when doing my sessions  I quickly realized that The yearly and monthly  commitment cost to doing that was border line  out of reach and  one location just never delivered the type or amount of space I needed to create certain environments I wanted.  I also began to talk with other weekend warriors with cameras and found that others were being held back by the same obstacles. This how the concept for the Studios @ 13th ....A.K.A The Fort was born.  My Hope is that  you enjoy being a part of something new and creative  and enjoy my studio . . 

                                                                   Thanks for stopping by . 

                                                                             Roy Johnson 




From My Desk

                         First I would like to thank some very special and close friends. these guys have provided me with overwhelming support from the start. Everything from fabricating,hauling,locating,input,ideas and much needed morale support, With out there contributions this would have not gotten started . not necessarily in order:   Tony,Cindy, Kelly,Jack,Mario,April,Rod,Ben, Jason,Kevin,Libby, ,Steve, John,Yasmine,Randy,Johnathan , Josh, Lorie,Mr. Davis Dr.Gold Paul , Alex and my Mom, and i am sure there's a few I missed , to all of you I say a big THANK YOU . Win , Loose or draw you helped me get  a  dream of mine underway.   

       I want to also recognize two people that unlocked a dimension of photographic creativity that I was unaware existed within myself. They were my instructors during a few classes i attended @ our local college. Mr Dennard  and Mr Tipton  influenced my creative thinking to the level of expression like never before ,  and with that came the need for more space , It was their passion for  photography  that unlocked a different way of looking and approaching my own photography. 

*Studios @ 13th makes no claim to the ethical practices of its members or their abilities to conduct themselves in a professional manner. As with any purchase of services a little leg work up front as to any businesses  practices can save a lot of time , money and frustrations down the road. Buyer Beware !