Please read all the way down 

More info.

No spray painting will take place  on excessively windy days .​

If weather start to get unfavorable guest will be asked to return to their cars.

The number of painters using spray paint in a certain area are to be limited for safety concerns. 

Guest under 13 to be accompanied by a Parent or guardian

Minors dropped off by parents must be signed by parent or guardian.

Minors that are not  dropped off are expected to have respectful behavior  while at the Fort. 

Violators  are at Risk of  being banned from the studio . 



No smoking 

No alcohol

No drugs 

No weapons or fire arms unless law enforcement 

No glass allowed (unless prior approval given )

No footwear with heels or exposed feet parts (unless prior approval given )

No pets unless prior approved ( service animals are not pets )

No horse play and no running will be tolerated (although horses are allowed w/proper paperwork)

No foul or derogatory  Langue will be tolerated

No climbing on the sets or walls at any time 

No painting on the floor (chalk is ok in certain areas)

No trespassing at anytime 


General info 

Q. What if I want to photograph a car with a model ?

A.  Not a problem ...48hr  notice   

Q.  Can I enter  when the Studio is closed ?

A.  No if you enter the studio after hours criminal charges will be levied and you will not be welcome here for an indefinite period of time . 

Q. What is the studios stance on public tagging?

A.  Well that's easy's illegal anyone found to be in trouble with johnny law for such acts will be banned from use of the studio for one year following release date .

Q.  Is there a way to do a reflective photo sessions?

A.   Yes ...prior planning will have to be made . but the studio can be allowed to flood 

from a rain for private sessions . when flooded the studio will only be open for a small number of pre-booked  photographers. 

Q.  What if a have an idea for a environment or workshop or something?

A.   Great!! ..I am always looking for new and creative  ideas just drop me a line 



Q. What if subject matter of my photo session is not appropriate for all  to view?

A.  No Problem'll need to set up a private session ...

Q. What if i want to photograph at night...

A.  No problem....48hr notice.  most days the the studio is open it will be open after night fall 

Q. My subject wants to do a photo session with a wall that they create can we do that ?

A.  No worries ....just reserve the allowed wall space . that wall will be off limits to others for enough time for the creation and capturing of your subject then the wall can be washed with paint if the creator wants it to be. 

Q. What if I want to include my pet or farm animal in my session ?

A. No problem... a  48hr notice and proper vaccination records and  clean up and care for your pet is your responsibility and must be outlined and approved at the time of booking your private session .

Q.  Is there a dress code?

A.   Yes some what footwear  with exposed feet parts ,footwear should be flat bottom grippy type  no heels ,true work boots are ok , those shoes with toes separated are not allowed ( if heel type or open  footwear are needed for a photo session prior approval will be required 48hrs  prior to the date of the session.) As far as clothing . shirts,pants ,normal type short. no spandex or speedo type pant(PRIVATE SESSIONS ONLY )  RESPECTFUL  CLOTHING (I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHAT I'M SPEAKING OF !)  If your pastor or grandmother saw  what your wearing would have nothing to explain...the subject of your tee's should also be respectful in nature   due to young children attending the Fort. (if outfits not fitting the outline for open sessions whether art or photography  for your project  you will need prior approval..... 48hrs prior to the session .) * STUDIOS @ 13TH ...A.K.A THE FORT RESERVED THE RIGHT TO ADJUST THIS AND  ALL   POLICIES   AS IT SEE'S FIT TO ACCOMMODATE FOR IT'S VALUED GUEST.

Q.  What walls can I paint on?

A.  Walls that have a white dots at the base are for everyone and anyone to use for their own expressions. Walls that have blue dots   are non-spray walls. (There is no Guarantee how long your expression will remain on an open white dot or  blue dot walls your work  may not last a single day once you walk away from it is the hopes that good works are up for a while .all  walls have a schedule  time for paint  overs.)

 Extra info ......Walls with orange dots  at the base are challenge walls and are for competition only  that are chosen by the studio either by  appointment , votes, and lottery pull. 

    Walls with yellowish green  dots at the base are studio walls and are not to be tampered with. 


*Studios @ 13th makes no claim to the ethical practices of its members or their abilities to conduct themselves in a professional manner. As with any purchase of services a little leg work up front as to any businesses  practices can save a lot of time , money and frustrations down the road. Buyer Beware !